Quest Biomedical has been supplying HLA reagents since the company started in 1994. We supply a wide range of quality reagents using both traditional serological, Luminex xMAP and molecular techniques to enable us to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

We are the exclusive distributor of Immucor Lifecodes Transplant Diagnostics and Inno-Train products within the UK & Ireland. The Lifecodes division of Immucor has nearly three decades of molecular diagnostics expertise and is a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of molecular diagnostics products and services that are used to diagnose human diseases, screen donated human blood, ensure transplant compatibility and aid biomedical research. Inno-Train is a leading producer of many different products in the fields of HLA, blood grouping and human genetic diagnostics, including FluoGene, a new typing method that combines the speed of PCR-SSP with Endpoint Fluorescence detection.


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HLA & MICA Antibody Detection & Identification

Immucor Lifecodes HLA Antibody Screening and Identification
Immucor Lifecodes HLA Antibody Identification with Single Antigen Beads
Immucor Lifecodes Donor Specific Antibody Detection
Immucor Lifecodes MICA Antibody Identification with Single Antigen Beads

Molecular HLA Typing

Immucor Lifecodes HLA Class I & Class II SSO Typing
Inno-Train HLA Ready Gene PCR-SSP
Inno-Train HLA Ready Gene for DiseaseAssociated Typing
Inno-Train Ready Gene Wipe Test
Inno-Train HLA FluoGene
Inno-Train SuBiTo HLA Sequence-Based Typing

Molecular KIR Typing

Immucor Lifecodes KIR SSO Typing
Inno-Train Ready Gene PCR-SSP KIR

Immucor Lifecodes Instrumentation and Accessories

Luminex LX100/200 Analyser
Hamilton STARlet Liquid Handling Workstation

Inno-Train Instrumentation and Accessories

FluoVista Analyser
Inno-Train Molecular Testing Accessories

Inno-Train Serological HLA Typing, Media & Accessories

HLA Laboratory Information Management System