Stem Cell Processing and Cryopreservation

Quest Biomedical supplies a wide range of products from OriGen Biomedical for stem cell processing and cryopreservation. Suitable for freezing at any temperature, OriGen CryoStore, CryoBag and O-Wrap Overwraps are ideal for long-term cryopreservation, whilst SteriZip Overpouches provide a safe environment for thawing bags in a water bath. Also available are CryoDoc, a closed system for stem cell processing outside a clean room, PermaLife cell culture bags, CryoPur sterile filtered DMSO and DMSO/Dextran cryopreservation solutions and a range of accessories.

To complement our range of stem cell and cryopreservation products, we are also able to supply storage solutions for blood, marrow and cord blood bag OriGen Biomedical supplies, which are manufactured by Rackyard.  In addition to the OriGen Biomedical compatible canisters, Rackyard also provide a range of canisters suitable for CroMACS bags.

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Origen Biomedical Stem Cell Products

CryoStore Freezing Bags
O-Wrap Overwraps
EVO-CryoBag Freezing Bags / Overwraps
SteriZip Overpouches
CryoDoc Stem Cell Processing System
CryoPur Cryopreservation Solutions
PermaLife Cell Culture Bags

Rackyard Storage Solutions

Aluminium Canisters for OriGen Biomedical Bags
Aluminium Canisters for CryoMACS Bags
Stainless Steel Frames for Vertical Canister Storage


Biolife Solutions

Biopreservation Media for Cells, Tissue and Organs