DNA & RNA Isolation

Quest Biomedical Limited offers a range of different nucleic acid extraction systems to accommodate different laboratory requirements for low, medium & high throughput.


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Low to Medium Throughput Systems

The Kurabo QuickGene series from Quest Biomedical offers a highly cost-effective and easy to use system for isolating DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) from blood and a wide range of other samples (refer to applications guide) prior to DNA/RNA testing. QuickGene is based on Kurabo’s patented porous membrane technology: this ultra thin membrane provides outstanding absorption and desorption performance, allowing high purity and high yield nucleic acid extraction at low pressure and in a shorter time compared to conventional glass fibre membranes.


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Medium to High Throughput Systems

The LabTurbo range from Taigen Bioscience Corporation offers a fully automated nucleic isolation system with true walk away operation including sampling, thermo lysis, binding, washing to elution.

Each system offers:

The summary of the run capacity and time of different models are as below:



QuickGene Nucleic Acid Isolation Devices


QuickGene Isolation Kits and Accessories

QuickGene-Mini80 and 810 Isolation Kits
QuickGene-610L Isolation Kits
QuickGene SP (Spin) Kit

Taigen LabTurbo Range

LabTurbo 24 Compact System
LabTurbo 48 Compact System
LabTurbo 96 Standard System
LabTurbo 496 Standard System
LabTurbo Reaction (PCR) Setup System