QuickGene Isolation Kits and Accessories

QuickGene-Mini80 and 810 Isolation Kits

QuickGene isolation kits are optimised for the QuickGene system to extract DNA and RNA in the shortest time and the highest quality.

QuickGene-610L Isolation Kits

QuickGene DNA whole blood kits contain all reagents and tubes necessary for DNA extraction from whole blood samples in a single package.

QuickGene SP (Spin) Kit

DNA/RNA can be rapidly and easily extracted using readily available laboratory equipment, such as centrifuges and microtubes. Because washing and recovery of nucleic acid can be performed in a bench-top compact centrifuge, work efficiency can be significantly improved.

Refer to the downloadable Guides for further information about choosing the appropriate QuickGene system, isolation kits and applications.

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QuickGene Isolation Kits and Accessories 

630-23549 DNA Whole Blood Kit S 96 Tests
637-23559 DNA Tissue Kit S 96 Tests
633-23539 DNA Whole Blood Kit 610L 48 Tests
638-23609 RNA Tissue Kit SII 96 Tests
635-23599 RNA Cultured Cell HC kit S 96 Tests
631-23579 RNA Blood Cell Kit S 96 Tests
639-23639 SP Plasmid Kit 96 Tests
Mini80 Tube Holder  (8 Tube) 1
Mini80 Rack Set
Mini80 Cartridge Holder
QG-810 Tube Holder (8 Tube) 1
QG-810 Pump Tube 1
QG-810 Tube Racks 4
QG-610L Holder (6 Tube) 1
000-00437 QG-610L Wash Pump Tube 1