EVO-CryoBag Freezing Bags / Overwraps

OriGen EVO-CryoBags are made from EVO copolymer, which is well suited for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen. EVO polymer contains no plasticisers or chemical residues making the bags ideal for sensitive tissue or bone cryopreservation.

Advantages of the EVO-CryoBag

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EVO Cryobags Brochure

EVO-CryoBag Freezing Bags / Overwraps Product List

CodeProductSizePack Size
    W(cm) L(cm)  
TV0909 EVO CryoBag 9cm 9cm 1
TV0419 EVO CryoBag 4cm 19cm 1
TV0816 EVO Cryobag 8cm 16cm 1
TV0918 EVO CryoBag 9cm 18cm 1
TV1430 EVO CryoBag 14cm 30cm 1
TV1936 EVO CryoBag 19cm 36cm 1
TV1950 EVO CryoBag 19cm 50cm 1
TV2436 EVO CryoBag 24cm 36cm 1