PermaLife Cell Culture Bags

OriGen PermaLife sterile cell culture bags represent the optimal way to harvest, expand, concentrate and freeze critical cell cultures. Made of inert FEP, the PermaLife bags contain no plasticizers or chemical residuals that could leach into and alter delicate cell cultures. Because FEP is inert, antibodies, cytokines and other genetic material are unaffected by the PermaLife bag.

Advantages of PermaLife Cell Culture Bags


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PermaLife Cell Culture Bags Product List

CodeProductVolume*Pack Size
    Min - Max  
PL07 PermaLife Bag - 7ml 7 - 12ml 1
PL30 PermaLife Bag - 30ml 30 - 50ml 1
PL70 PermaLife Bag - 70ml 70 - 145ml 1
PL120 PermaLife Bag - 120ml 120 - 265ml 1
PL240 PermaLife Bag - 240ml 240 - 725ml 1
PL325 PermaLife Bag - 325ml 325 - 1100ml 1

 * Nominal volume at 1cm fill thickness