Blood Transfusion Plastic Disposables

Neonatal Syringe Set

Quest Biomedical’s Neonatal Syringe Set from Kimal is a customised set specially designed by Paediatric Nursing Professionals to make the transfusion of all blood components to neonates much safer and easier to perform.

The syringe set, which incorporates a 180μ filter, completely negates the use of conventional 3 way taps, making it one of the safest and easiest sets to use on the market and it is used routinely in many SCBU’s and Neonatal Units across the UK. The set complies with the BCSH guidelines (December 2009) – Guidelines on the Administration of Blood Components.

Single Donor Pack

The Single Donor Pack is suitable for extracting single units of blood from patients with Polycythaemia, Haemochromatosis or similar Haematological diseases. (Note: Once collected these units should be discarded in the appropriate manner as they are not suitable for reinfusion).


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Blood Transfusion Plastic Disposables Product List

BR/QUEST/1292/1 Neonatal Syringe Set 10 Units
MSV6000PB Single Donor Pack
500ml Without Anticoagulant, With Needle
20 Units