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Luminex LX200 Analyser
Hamilton STARlet Liquid Handling Workstation

Luminex LX200 Analyser

Built on xMAP Technology, the Luminex LX200 System, for use with Gen-Probe Lifecodes products, is a flexible analyser based on the principles of flow cytometry that allows multiplexing (simultaneous measurement) of up to 100 analytes in a single microplate well, using very small sample volumes and delivering fast and cost-effective results.

The total system includes the Luminex LX200 analyser, the Luminex XY plate handling platform, and the Luminex SD sheath fluid delivery system, software and PC.

Benefits of the Luminex System:


Hamilton STARlet Liquid Handling Workstation

The STARlet from Hamilton Robotics can be used to automate all Gen-Probe Lifecodes HLA antibody and SSO assays. The STARlet liquid handling workstation is based on superior air displacement pipetting technology, which increases accuracy and repeatability.

Benefits of the Hamilton STARlet:

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Luminex Analyser & Accessories
888300 Luminex LX200 Analyser - Includes Analyser, XY Platform & PC 1
888301 Luminex 200 Analyser - Includes Analyser, XY Platform, Sheath Fluid Delivery System & PC 1
628205 Sheath Fluid - Ready To Use 20L
628018 Calibration Kit For xPONENT3.1 1
628019 Verification Kit For xPONENT3.1 1
628006 Calibration Beads 1 5ml
628007 Calibration Beads 2 5ml
628008 Control Beads 1 5ml
628009 Control Beads 2 5ml
6524 Polyethylene Sealing Tape 100
6509-5 Costar Plates 5 Plates
MSBVN1250-5 Filter Plates – Rigid 5 Plates
MSVMHTS00 HTS Manifold 1 Unit
0651M01 Ultrasonic Bath - Branson 1 Unit
Luminex Analyser Spares
CN-0001-01 Air Filter, Base Hepa 1
CN-0002-01 Air Filter, Base (Bottom of Analyser) 1
CN-0027-01 Air Filter, Intake (XY Platform) 1
CN-0014-01 Syringe Seal Set of 4
CN-0013-01 Syringe with Seal 1
CN-0007-01 Long Probe 1
CN-0011-01 Sheath Supply Bottle 1
CN-0610-01 Sheath Filter Assembly 1
CN-0012-01 Waste Bottle 1
CN-0019-01 2 Amp Fuse 1
CN-0051-01 3 Amp Fuse 1
Hamilton STARlet – automation for Gen-Probe Lifecodes Luminex-based assays
171209 Hamilton STARlet  1