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FluoVista Analyser

The FluoVista Analyser from Inno-Train enables FluoGene assays to be easily and flexibly automated. In its basic configuration the FluoVista Analyser is used in addition to a standard thermal cycler and the level of automation can be increased by adding a small pipetting station or a complete liquid handling processor with integrated modules.

Benefits of the FluoGene System:  

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Inno-Train FluoGene Instrumentation and Accessories Product List

FluoGene System and Accessories
006010000 FluoVista System
FluoVista Analyser incl. PC System, Monitor & Software Package
00207KF10 Optical Foil
Additional Foil for Sealing FluoGene Trays
00207CP01 Optical Cover Compression Pads 1
006010010 FluoStation Base Module 1
00601000S FluoGene Calibration System
Calibration System for Calibrating FluoVista & FluoStation Analysers
Contains 10 Plates, 10 Optical Foils & 4 tubes (3 Dyes & 1 blank)
10 Tests