HypoThermosol Range For Hair Restoration

HypoThermosol® is an optimized hypothermic (2-8°C) preservation media that enables improved and extended preservation of cells, tissues and organs.

HypoThermosol® is uniquely formulated to address the molecular-biological response of cells during the hypothermic preservation process.

HypoThermosol® includes key ions at concentrations that balance the intracellular state at hypothermic temperatures.

Additional components include pH buffers, energy substrates, free radical scavengers, and osmotic/oncotic stabilizers.

Further information and technical data can be found here: Biolife Solutions HypoThermosol® Data.

Watch YouTube’s first live hair transplant here: Biolife Solutions Live Hair Transplant.

IHRS Forum, Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

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HypoThermosol Brochure

HypoThermosol® Product List

CodeProductPack Size
101373 HypoThermosol® 10ml Vial
101102 HypoThermosol® 100ml Bottle
101104 HypoThermosol® 500ml Bottle
101204 HypoThermosol® 500ml IV Bag