Rackyard Storage Solutions For Blood Bags

Rackyard's range of standard blood bag canisters and frames will fit standard blood bags supplied by OrigGn Biomedical.  The frames provide enough flexibility to configure them to fit into almost any freezer.  

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Aluminium Canisters With Easy Opening & Locking Arm - Compatible With OriGen Biomedical Bags
C-ORIGEN50 Bag Model Number CS50 17cm x 9cm x 1.2cm
C-ORIGEN250 Bag Model Number CS250 20cm x 14cm x 1.2cm
C-ORIGEN500 Bag Model Number CS500 25cm x 14cm x 1.2cm
C-ORIGEN750 Bag Model Number CS750 28cm x 14cm x 1.2cm
C-ORIGEN1000 Bag Model Number CS1000 34cm x 14cm x 1.2cm
Minimum order quantity of the above canisters is 10  
C-CRYOMACS50 Bag Model CryoMACS 50 17cm x 9cm x 1.2cm
C-CRYOMACS250 Bag Model CryoMACS 250 20cm x 14cm x 1.2cm
C-CRYOMACS500 Bag Model CryoMACS 500 25cm x 14cm x 1.2cm
C-CRYOMACS750 Bag Model CryoMACS 750 28cm x 14cm x 1.2cm
C-CRYOMACS1000 Bag Model CryoMACS 1000 34cm x 14cm x 1.2cm
Minimum order quantity of the above canisters is 10  
Stainless Steel Frames For Vertical Canister Storage
F-C-ORIGEN50-5 Canister Model C-ORIGEN50 - Capacity 5 49cm x 13cm x 1.6cm
F-C-ORIGEN50-7 Canister Model C-ORIGEN50 - Capacity 7 65cm x 13cm x 1.6cm
F-C-ORIGEN50-8 Canister Model C-ORIGEN50 - Capacity 8 72cm x 13cm x 1.6cm
F-C-ORIGEN250-3 Canister Model C-ORIGEN250 - Capacity 3 49cm x 15cm x 1.6cm 
F-C-ORIGEN250-4 Canister Model C-ORIGEN250 - Capacity 4 65cm x 15cm x 1.6cm 
F-C-ORIGEN250-5 Canister Model C-ORIGEN250 - Capacity 5  72cm x 15cm x 1.6cm
F-C-ORIGEN500-3 Canister Model C-ORIGEN500 - Capacity 3 49cm x 20cm x 1.6cm
F-C-ORIGEN500-4 Canister Model C-ORIGEN500 - Capacity 4 65cm x 20cm x 1.6cm
F-C-ORIGEN500-5 Canister Model C-ORIGEN500 - Capacity 5 72cm x 20cm x 1.6cm 
F-C-ORIGEN750-3 Canister Model C-ORIGEN750 - Capacity 3 49cm x 23cm x 1.6cm 
F-C-ORIGEN750-4 Canister Model C-ORIGEN750 - Capacity 4 65cm x 23cm x 1.6cm
F-C-ORIGEN750-5 Canister Model C-ORIGEN750 - Capacity 5 72cm x 23cm x 1.6cm
F-C-ORIGEN1000-3 Canister Model C-ORIGEN1000 - Capacity 3 49cm x 28cm x 1.6cm
F-C-ORIGEN1000-4 Canister Model C-ORIGEN1000 - Capacity 4 65cm x 28cm x 1.6cm
F-C-ORIGEN1000-5 Canister Model C-ORIGEN1000 - Capacity 5 72cm x 28cm x 1.6cm