Bulk Raw and Processed Human Serum and Plasma

All of our processed serum and plasma products are manufactured for us in an FDA regulated GMP facility. Processing capabilities include (but are not limited to): 


Advantages of Quest Biomedical Processed Human Derived Products


Our range includes:

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Defibrinated Serum Derived from plasma by processing with chemicals.
Defibrinated, Delipidised Serum Derived from plasma, processed to remove lipids. Optically clear.
Defibrinated, Delipidised, Charcoal Stripped Serum Derived from plasma processed to remove lipids and hormone proteins.
Defibrinated, Charcoal Stripped Serum Derived from plasma processed to remove hormone proteins but leaving lipids present.
Serology Negative Serum Screened and found negative for serology disease state markers.
Hepatitis Negative Serum Derived from plasma where it is necessary for the bulk pool to be negative (non reactive) for numerous viral markers by ELISA and PCR methodology. Suitable for negative control matrices.
Serum Off Clot Serum Derived from spontaneously clotted whole blood.
Custom produced Serum and Plasma Please contact us with your specifications.
Human Blood Products EDTA Plasma, Heparinised Plasma, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Off the Clot, Off the Clot Male, Off the Clot Female.